John Petersen, Managing Director

John Petersen, 42, is Managing Director of a medium-sized company. He spends most of his day in meetings, and to make ends meet, he never lets one single second between meetings go to waste. John Petersen is used to juggling numbers and decisions. But it is not always easy to keep track of everything at once. For that reason, John’s fixed equipment consists of his laptop, his smartphone, a folder with contracts and papers – and his Voicebird.

“My life on the road means that I need help to keep track of this massive amount of information that I receive via telephone conversations every day.”

For six months John has been involved in a business project with several subcontractors. Everyone in the project group is busy, and so a large part of their status and momentum meetings take place on the phone.Earlier this would always cause stressful situations – important dates and decisions were jutted down on the back of an expired parking ticket or other random scraps of paper. But then John Petersen acquired a Voicebird. And after just two months, this has made his frequent telephone meetings so much more efficient and rewarding.

The Voicebird remembers everything

On his way to a meeting in Aarhus, John automatically places his Bluetooth headset in his ear and his Voicebird in the cup-holder in front of the gearshift. The car has only just left the parking lot when the phone starts ringing. On the display, John sees the name of his project manager – it is time for a project meeting. John answers the call via his Bluetooth-headset and then activates the Voicebird. The telephone meeting is on.
Several important decisions are made during that call, and the dates for the next big milestones are corrected. It is a question of keeping balance, and this practice isn’t facilitated by the fact that part of the contents of the meeting will constitute the foundation of the new contractual basis, which John is to prepare. He therefore regards the small Voicebird contentedly as the red button indicates that every detail of the meeting his being saved and is ready for transcription back at the office.

From word to action

John finishes the meeting with a comment the project group is now used to hearing, “You will receive a summary before the end of play today… Talk to you later!” The conversation is over but Voicebird remembers it.
A few hours later, he connects the Voicebird to his computer. The Voice-file with the telephone meeting is automatically transferred to his private account at He shares his file with his assistant, and before 4pm all project members receive a detailed summary of the meeting. At the same time, John Petersen has a precise and adequate point of departure for the new contractual basis. No forgotten points, no missed opportunities.
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