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A little bird told me…

The Voicebird Mini is light, small and practical. It is made of anodized aluminum and despite its small footprint it sits securely in your hand because of its faceted edge and curved front.

The light and compact Voicebird mini is designed to be your daily companion and it won’t take up much space in your pocket or bag – which means it is there when you need it!

Voicebird Mini Top

Plug and record

Simplistic and intuitive – those are the main keywords when we do things at Voicebird. And the Voicebird Mini is no exception. The Voicebird Mini has clearly marked buttons that lets you record and replay your phone conversations. It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s all you need.

The Voicebird Mini is really easy to use – you just plug it into your phone and headset and you are ready to record – just press the record button.

The Voicebird DNA

The Voicebird Mini was designed with the same principles as its bigger brother, and when looking at the two, there is no doubt that they share that special Voicebird DNA. The Voicebird Mini is smaller, lighter and extremely intuitive – even if you don’t like reading user manuals!

With The Voicebird Mini you have a compact and efficient device and it is perfectly clear how the product should be used – it is simple and logical.

Voicebird was designed by Artlinco – a strategic design company, focusing on business and product development. Artlinco has worked with Voicebird throughout the development of the entire Voicebird universe.

Voicebird mini front/back




1. Connect to your mobile phone or smartphone via the audio cable

Voicebird is easily connected to your mobile phone via the supplied audio cable. Plug the audio cable into the headset port on your phone and the connection port at the bottom of Voicebird Mini.

2. Connect your favourite headset

Insert your headset cable into the top of Voicebird Mini and you are ready to go.

3. Make your calls as usual – record when you need to

When using your phone with Voicebird Mini, you can start recording from the beginning of the conversation or simply when you need to remember or document something.

Going from phone through Voicebird Mini to headset, the conversation is recorded and stored. It is as simple as that.

4. Upload your Voice-files to your Mac or PC or to your private account at voicebird.com

Your important conversations and meetings are easily uploaded to your Mac or PC, or via the Voicebird uploader to your private and secure account on voicebird.com. Here you can access and view your Voices at any time.

Voicebird.com offers you 3 hours of free Voice-storage. If you are a big talker don’t worry we’ve got a great deal for you too.

5. Share your Voice-files with colleagues and business partners

Uploading your recorded Voices to your private and secure account gives you a whole range of options.

1. You can easily share Voices or parts of Voices with colleagues and business partners.

2. You can transcribe Voices and make useful meeting summaries.

3. You can add notes and edit contacts to maintain an overview of important Voices.

Voicebird.com gives you the necessary tools to using your conversations actively.

Learn more about voicebird.com


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HxWxB: 70.4 x 28.9 x 8.3 mm

18 gram / 0.039 lb

Up to 16 hours of conversation

Battery life
2 hours of conversation


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Voicebird Mini

USB cable

Audio cable

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