Sara Petersen, Journalist

Sara is a news reporter for a large Danish news group. She covers business and politics, which means that most of her working-day takes place in the field and in formal surroundings. Her articles are often quite complex, and therefore it’s essential that her sources and documentation are 100 % reliable. In the office, Sara of course depends on her computer. In the field, her phone and Voicebird are her faithful companions. Both have become a completely integral part of her daily routine. Keys, check. Phone, check. Voicebird, check.

“My Voicebird enables me to cover more and better news stories.”

For a while Sara has been working on an article about a potential international acquisition of a large Danish company. It hasn’t been possible to verify the rumours, because Sara still hasn’t heard from the press officer of the company. She has sent several emails and left even more messages in the reception and in the press officer’s own voice mail.

Breaking news

Having just arrived at the building in which she and the camera man are waiting to have an important interview with a politician, her phone starts ringing. Glancing at the display, Sara recognises the name of the press officer she’s been chasing for two weeks. Time is short – the meeting with the politician is only 15 minutes away. But if there is ever going to come anything of the acquisition story she can’t miss the call. She finds her Voicebird in her pocket – there is no time to waste now. Sara answers the call via her headset and then clicks on the recording button of the Voicebird.

The conversation takes 10 minutes, and Sara gets all the information she needs in order to finish her story. And then some. She can’t help but thinking how much more efficient her job has become after the notepad has been out-challenged by her Voicebird. The trouble with balancing a notepad and maybe, maybe not get everything written down has practically disappeared. With Voicebird Sara can focus on what’s important – the interview!

Deadline with peace of mind

When the conversation is over, they have reached the room where the interview is to take place. Sara says thank you to the press officer; then finishes the call and ends the recording session with a click on the big button. It calms her immensely to know that the entire conversation has now been recorded on her Voicebird. No illegible and obscure notes, just the clear conversation with all subtle nuances of vocabulary and tone.

After the interview with the politician, Sara returns to her office and listens to the call, which she has now uploaded to her personal account on makes a quick transcription of the conversation and welcomes the idea that she can now write her story based on what was actually said during the phone interview and not just on what she quickly noted down.

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