Voices made visual

Voicebird.com enables you to upload, share and transcribe your mobile conversations. Your Voices are presented in a simple and manageable interface giving you a general view of your files.

Voicebird.com gives you the all the necessary tools for using your conversations actively. Voicebird.com offers you 3 hours of free Voice-storage*. If you talk a lot, don’t worry, we’ve got a great deal for you too.

Voicebird cloud conversations
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Listen to your Voices

Listen to your Voices to make sure you’ve got all important points from the phone meeting, or edit descriptions to make it easy to find the Voice when you need it later.

The built-in player at Voicebird.com makes it easy to play back and listen to your recorded conversations. The A and B markers allow you to select your Voice-clip if you wish to share a section of the Voice.

Voicebird cloud archive

Share your Voice-files with

colleagues and business partners

Sharing a conversation, or part of it, is very easy at voicebird.com. Select the Voice-clip you wish to share, type in the e-mail address of the receiver(s) and press send. You can even assign ‘Transcription Rights’, letting the receiver make a transcription or summary of the Voice and save it directly to your account.

The feature shows you who the Voice has been shared with and lets you cancel the share. This breaks the link and prevents the receiver from listening to the Voice.

Voicebird cloud share
Voicebird cloud transcribe

No missed opportunities
– transcribe your Voices

The call might have taken place on the road, but the transcription feature lets you sit in the comfort of your office and make useful summaries of you phone meetings or phone calls. Keyboard shortcuts even make it easy to control the player when transcribing your Voice.

Save the transcription on your account and download a text file to your computer.

Transfer your Voice-files to your computer or upload them to your private account at Voicebird.com

Uploading important calls to voicebird.com is as easy as connecting the Voicebird to your computer. The Voicebird-uploader will automatically upload the Voice-files to your account on voicebird.com, making them ready for playback, sharing and transcription.

You can also transfer Voice-files to your computer. The Voicebird will show up as a regular external drive.

Voicebird cloud upload
Voicebird cloud account settings

Settings made easy

Travel a lot? That is not a problem. voicebird.com makes it easy for you to change the time zone on your Voicebird according to the country you are currently staying in.

Talk a lot or talk a little? Voicebird.com has got it covered

Your Voicebird account comes with 3 hours of free Voice-storage, but if you talk a lot – and who doesn’t? – you can easily add additional storage.

From March 2013, voicebird.com will offer storage in 3 hour intervals. Simply pick the amount of storage you need and watch the dynamic bar move to reflect your current choice. Press “buy storage” and you’re done. It’s that simple.

Voicebird cloud storage


*Some voicebird.com services may require a paid subscription.